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More Upcoming Eco Team Events...

posted Apr 29, 2018, 7:25 AM by Ellen Bailey

Thanks to everyone who participated in Earth Day cleanup and mulching. EcoLeague and Eco Team have a few more events coming your way.

“Trashket Ball”

Date Time: (extended until May 4)- during breaks (eating portion)

Audience: All Grades

Jr. Eco Team members will be coming in to play “Trashket Ball” with your classes during the eating part of break. EcoTeam will ask questions about waste practices to class. Each question answered earns them a chance to shoot waste in the appropriate basket to earn points. A perfect score will get your class entered in a draw to earn 10 mins of recess.

Art Auction

Date: April 27 -May 2

Time: auction ends 11:59pm on May 2

Audience: Palermo Community

Student artists have developed paintings that they are donating to raise money to adopt a Blanding’s turtle. A turtle is raised by the Toronto Zoo and introduced in the wild to help the species’ population.

Anti-Idling week

Date: May 7- 11

Time: Periods 6 - see signup sheet for time slots (limited to one class per period)

Audience: Primary/Junior/Intermediate

This campaign is meant to get community members informed about the importance of reducing idling due to the impacts it has in the community. Students will be doing outreach around the Palermo parking lot. Sr. EcoLeague will take your class through the essentials.

Signup here:

Yellow Fish Road

Date: Thurs. May 31 (rain date TBD)

Time: see signup sheet for time slots (limited to one class per period)

Audience: Junior /Intermediate.

Classes will go outside to mark assigned storm drains with special stickers in the community and do outreach about watershed protection in the neighbourhood. This will require attending a short assembly beforehand to get an overview.  Sr. Eco League will train you how to do this. We will have parent volunteers to help with this event. This is a good extension to Stream of Dreams. Need more info? Go to:

Signup here:

You can have a look of what it looks like:

 Note: Halton uses curb stickers not paint. Volunteers will be needed - if you have some interested please let us know.

Garden maintenance and planting

Date: May/June TBD

Time: TBC

Audience: All

Students will come out to do some weeding or planting. Parent council has donated funds to help with this project and make new additions.